There’s never been a better time to launch your first TV campaign. With the variety and scope of channels on offer, there’s plenty of opportunity for those on the most modest of budgets.  So here’s thecoalshed’s 10 simple steps to TV success:

1) Start with your audience

How well do you know your target audience? Why do they purchase from the market you’re operating within? What is your competitive advantage? What are you really good at? At the same time, what needs aren’t being met?

Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of messages every day. So it’s important your unique selling point (USP) hits the spot and crucially, is clearly communicated within your commercial.

2) Define your goal

The branding, positioning and direct-responsiveness of your TV ad are the three key creative objectives which have the greatest impact on your sales, profits and value of your company. So decide upon your goal right from the start.

3) If you’re after immediate response – keep it direct

For some established advertisers, direct response television, or DRTV as it is known in the trade, can be a dirty acronym. We hear all too often, “That idea feels a little bit too simplistic and maybe a little ‘daytime’. I don’t think that’s what we’re about.”

There is a tendency to confuse direct response as just downmarket advertising. This is a common mistake. Remember, big financial brands such as Admiral and Go Compare have been built on simple yet effective DRTV strategies. This no-nonsense approach has enabled these businesses to up-scale to multi-million media budgets, extensive brand-building activities and ultimately, fame.

4) Put insight into your brief

One of the most important aspects of our 10 simple steps to TV success, is the creative brief. A clear and detailed brief will lead to imaginative and persuasive ads, helping you reach your chosen goal – and fast. Valuable consumer insight will help the creative team clearly understand why people buy, why they don’t buy, or some other aspect of the way they behave. These are the building blocks of a clear, effective campaign.

5) Find the right media partner for your needs

Working with a smaller media agency for your first TV campaign is a sensible approach. Smaller agencies are more likely to treat you as one of their top clients. Attentiveness, hand-holding and jargon-busters can make a big difference to the rookie television advertiser. A smaller outfit is more likely to take a longer-term view on activity, ensuring your campaign remains flexible and allows for multiple-testing as you go.

6) Cheap production can be a false economy

Cheap does not always mean best value. Ensuring you have a polished and professional campaign will have considerable more clout, than one put together on a shoestring. That said, effective and persuasive TV creative needn’t break the bank. Using a reputable agency with a great track record of success can pay dividends. With a clear and simple script, catchy music and powerful imagery, you have all the tools to tell an interesting and engaging story, which will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

7) Keep things simple

The average length of a TV commercial is 30 seconds. Resist throwing in everything but the kitchen sink into your ad. You’ll be amazed how quickly time passes. Start by writing a list of the key points you wish to land. The first draft will probably look like a shopping list. You need to get this list down to no more than three simple statements.

8) Testing, testing… one, two, three

Producing a style of ad with the ability to tweak the script can be particularly advantageous and cost effective. This will allow you to test which advert works best for your needs. Therefore ensure you have the budget and flexibility to produce a number of variants of your commercial at the same time.

9) Always measure your performance

Ensure you have the right tracking and analytics in place from the start. An effective attribution and analytics solution will enable you to effectively measure and manage the impact of your advertising campaign across all media channels. The majority of good media agencies will provide this attribution model support.

10) Patience is a virtue

Very few television campaigns provide a positive return on investment immediately. Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was a household name. You need to be patient and play the long game. With the right planning, effective creative and a joined up approach with the rest of the mix, TV can become a very effective marketing channel for your business.

Stand out from the crowd

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