At thecoalshed, we’re all about creating TV ads to help you stand out from the crowd. So as the year draws to a close, here’s a personal selection of our favourite high budget TV ads of 2016, which helped brands do just that.

The Best TV ads of 2016: January – Virgin Media “Vivid Party”

Mike: In a bid to appeal to those hard to reach ‘millennials’, January saw Virgin Media explain how a shared connection can enable everyone at the same party, to stare endlessly at their smartphones. But thanks to super-fast broadband combined with a banger from Chaka Khan, helped the guy look up from his Instagram long enough to get the girl.

The Best TV ads of 2016: February – Hilton HHonors “Stop Clicking Around”

Zoë: There’s nothing quite like using an iconic Rolling Stones song to underline our dissatisfaction wasting hours sorting through a dizzying array of websites, hunting for the best price for a hotel room. And that’s where Hilton’s “Stop Clicking Around” marketing campaign came into it’s own. It’s a big ad and the largest campaign ever launched in the company’s 97 year history. The aim is simple; to emphasise the benefits of being an HHonors member and booking direct, thus assuring yourself the best price online and ultimately total… satisfaction.

The Best TV ads of 2016: March – Jet2holidays “Hold My Hand”

Mike: Maximising the sentiment of Jess Glynne’s chart-topping soundtrack, helped launch Jet2holidays summer campaign in March. This simple, well-branded TV ad effectively captures the thrill and excitement of a young boy taking his Dad by the hand, as they enjoy a summer family adventure.

The Best TV ads of 2016: April – Boots No7 “Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum”

Zoë: Icelandic rockers Kaleo’s chilled-out, Way Down We Go, is a superb soundtrack for former Royal Ballet principal dancer, Alessandra Ferri, to dance with a hologram of her 19 year old self. This was the first mainstream TV commercial directed by BAFTA-nominated Tom Harper, of BBC War & Peace fame. Over 450 hours went into the production of the first ever moving camera rotoscoping to create the holographic content. I may never be able to dance, nay move like Alessandra does at 52, but I’ll slap on any serum that could put me in touch with my 19 year old self again!

The Best TV ads of 2016: May – JUST EAT “Man band”

Mike: Instantly transporting us back twenty years, I loved the continuation of this established TV ad campaign when it appeared on screen, in May. This time JUST EAT used a chinese takeaway-themed hit to take ‘Everybody’ back to the 90s. Just watch out for the genius scene-stealer at the end.

The Best TV ads of 2016: June – Audi Sport “R8 Spin”

Zoë: Audi call them spins, I call them doughnuts! Nevertheless I love the simplicity of this Audi R8 ad. Speed isn’t everything according to this stunning-looking commercial and I totally agree. Just look at that bodywork. Sigh. For me the sound track, Windmills of Your Mind, originally performed by Noel Harrison, performed here by Dusty Springfield, made this simple ad utterly mesmerizing.

The Best TV ads of 2016: July – Audi Quattro “Everyday Extremes”

Mike: Half-way through our list of the best TV ads of 2016, and another outing from Audi, sees a kitsch twist on the standard automotive commercial. Set in a fictitious department store to the theme of ‘Are You Being Severed’, this ad is a visual treat to the eye, demonstrating an elaborate way to pick up a pint of milk, whilst showcasing Audi’s all-wheel drive Quattro range.

The Best TV ads of 2016: August – DFS for Team GB “Great Brits”

Zoë: This summer our screens came alive with European football and the Olympics. Furniture giant, DFS partnered up with Team GB for the 2016 Rio Olympics and in this ad entitled ‘Great Brits’ we see Team GB cyclist Laura Trott, gymnast Max Whitlock and swimmer Adam Peaty, as well as some DFS craftspeople who demonstrate the “best of British design, materials and workmanship”. It’s a stunning ad, beautifully edited and the sofa looks great too.

The Best TV ads of 2016: September – Premier Inn “Still Got It”

Mike: Let’s face it, despite the appeal of national treasure, Sir Lenny Henry, telling us otherwise, it’s rare people would visit a Premier Inn just to stay at a Premier Inn. This innovative campaign from our friends at Lucky Generals, manages to dramatize this humble truth and remind people that wherever you’re going, Premier Inn is a ‘Great place to start’. The use of cinematic production values to glamourize the everyday, contributes to this being one of the best TV commercials of 2016.

The Best TV ads of 2016: October – Sony Xperia “Capture the Wow of Now”

Zoë: Mesmerizing and nerve racking to watch, this Sony Xperia ad captivates me. Saba Pivot’s lyrical tongue-twister of a hip-hop track, specially created for the ad works brilliantly with the nonstop, fast paced visuals. I had no idea it was for a phone, it could have been a tourism ad for New York City but I love all 60 unbranded seconds of it!

The Best TV ads of 2016: November – M&S “Christmas with Love”

Mike: Meet the glamorous Mrs Claus – a sophisticated modern hero – courtesy of Marks & Sparks. This glitzy, Hollywood-style TV ad, shows Mrs Claus sending Santa on his Christmas rounds, before boarding a red helicopter to deliver a little boy’s Christmas wish. “Mrs Claus is the result of thousands of conversations that we had with our customers to understand what they want from M&S – which is warmth, empathy and a touch of humour presented in a modern and contemporary way”, said Mr Bousquet-Chavanne, executive director of customer marketing and M& It’s the Christmas ad, John Lewis probably wished they had made, I say.

The Best TV ads of 2016: December – Heathrow Airport “Coming Home for Christmas”

Zoë: Arriving slightly late to the Christmas Party, this Heathrow Airport ad was the surprise contender for this year’s favourite Christmas ad. The clear message of reconnecting people with their loved ones, especially at this time of year, is beautifully conveyed. It’s a sweet, excellently animated commercial and it pulls on just enough heartstrings to make you go “Ahhh”. After all, coming home for Christmas is the best gift of all.

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