In an ad-saturated world, how do you get your ad to stand out from the crowd? Jingles in advertising do it! Jingles work.

Good jingles in advertising can do wonders. They can help launch new brands or rejuvenate dwindling products and we, at the coal shed, love a good jingle!

History shows commercials incorporating memorable jingles can be highly effective. Jingles in advertising have been used since the 1920s, when they became popular through radio commercials. Since then, they have played an important role in radio and TV commercial advertising.

Music evokes memories. It’s well documented that a simple musical tune increases memory recall, add in some simple words and you’ll have a jingle that consumers will remember, in some cases, for years. If you are over a certain age, try reading these titles without breaking into tune: “Do the shake and vac, to put the freshness back”, “I feel like chicken tonight” and “Just one Cornetto”. It’s been over ten years since ANY of these ads have appeared on TV.

What makes a good jingle? Well, it needs to be simple and catchy. We used this to great effect with our launch campaign for broadband choices which you can view here. As we discovered when re-purposing Handel’s ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ for broadband choices, the catchier the tune, the more positive the association with the brand.

However, an annoying jingle with an irritating tune may be just as effective at worming it’s way into one’s psyche. Like them or hate them, good jingles in advertising can prompt consumers to consider your brand. If a marketing campaign is successful, the mere sight of the product can cause a person to sing or hum the jingle. A good jingle will often be mimicked or copied on social networks, giving additional product exposure at no extra cost to the advertiser.

There are, and always will be, jingle “snobs” or haters. In recent years “uncool” jingles in advertising have been brushed aside by big creatives, who prefer to use popular songs and music in their commercials. At the coal shed we’d never overlook the potential for using jingles in advertising. Instead we’ll decide what works best for your brand and product. All music should be carefully chosen to convey a brand or specific message.

Stand out from the crowd
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