Can John Lewis hold onto last year’s advert crown? Or has someone already stolen Christmas? See our run down of all the best TV ads for Christmas 2016

UPDATED: TV screens and social media feeds are now stuffed fuller than a turkey on Christmas Day with festive advertising. From Aldi through to Waitrose, brands are on a mission to produce this year’s top seasonal offering, in the hope they’ll stand out from the Christmas crowd.  So we, at thecoalshed, have collected all the best TV ads for Christmas 2016, for you to watch, right here:

Aldi Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Kevin the Carrot”

Meet Kevin the Carrot on his quest to meet Santa. A magical retelling of the Night Before Christmas, this TV ad follows a small orange vegetable on a seasonal adventure to join Santa on his sleigh. Does he make it in one piece? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Alzheimer’s Research UK Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Santa Forgot”

In one of this year’s most thought provoking Christmas TV ads, the commercial for Alzheimer’s Research UK, will strike a chord with anyone who has been affected by the 850,000 people in the UK who suffer from dementia. Narrated by Steven Fry, the ad tells the heart-breaking story of an ailing Santa who is no longer able to deliver presents at Christmas. This beautifully crafted Aardman film with its powerful message, is well worth a watch.

Amazon Prime Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Cup of Tea”

Amazon Prime’s Christmas TV ad uses the theme of inter-faith friendship, with a touching message of ‘selflessness and thinking of others’. The ad features a real-life Christian vicar and Muslim imam, catching up over a cup of tea in the vicar’s home, where they are seen struggling to get up off the sofa, due to aching knees. After parting ways, they both unknowingly use Amazon Prime to buy each other knee-pads to help with their joints when kneeling to pray. A wonderful sentiment in such decisive times for the US and UK.

Argos Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Yetis”

Travelling at speeds of up to 40 mph, you wouldn’t want to find yourself caught in the path of these 8ft ice-skating Yetis. Costing an eye-watering £30,000 to make, each, Argos are banking on this TV ad capturing the excitement of Christmas whilst promoting their ‘Same Day Fast Track’ delivery service. Go Argos.

Bell’s Whisky Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Christmas in November”

Hold your horses, it’s not Christmas for weeks! A shameless, yet humorous take on Christmas spirit from Bell’s Whisky.  This quirky Christmas TV ad is fronted by the fictitious Steve Toast, an eccentric middle-aged actor with a chequered past, from the Channel 4 comedy, ‘Toast of London’.

Boots Christmas TV Ad 2016 “The Gift of Beauty”

This year, Boots celebrate the women who will be working during Christmas. This advertising heart-warmer, features 40 real-life paramedic, nurses, midwives, carers, police women and volunteers who receive the ultimate Christmas makeover.  All to a festive soundtrack, courtesy of pop princess, Kylie Minogue.

Burberry Christmas TV Ad 2016 “The Tale of Thomas Burberry”

Burberry’s Christmas offering is a lavish three-minute trailer for a film that will never be made. It tells the story of the company’s founder, Thomas Burberry, as he clothes figures from history including pilot Betty Kirby-Green, adventurer Ernest Shackleton and First World War soldiers. Epic.

Coca-Cola Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Holidays are Coming”

For many, seeing the big, red Coca-Cola truck is a signal that it’s safe to crack out the Christmas jumper. And it’s a pretty big occasion, as this Coca-Cola advert turns 21 this year. Some may say that you can never beat an original. When the brand tried to replace this ad back in 2007, fans were so distraught, Coca-Cola brought it back within weeks. This year, more controversy… The 2016 version seems to be missing Santa’s loveable wink to a young boy, before taking a gulp of his Coca-Cola. And this did not go unnoticed by viewers who were quick to vent their disappointment on social media.

eBay Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Survive the Disco”

Halfway through our look at all the best TV ads for Christmas 2016, eBay attempt to target hard to reach millennials, with a light-hearted look at the awkward school disco. The Magic 8 Ball tells one “Indecisive Romeo” to ‘Go For It’. Whilst the girl of his dreams, a Goth, is “Having an identity crisis” wearing her bright yellow Kitty socks.

Heathrow Airport Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Coming Home for Christmas”

For the first time ever, Heathrow Airport has joined the race to produce this year’s most sentimental Christmas TV ad. Set to a Chas and Dave classic, we watch the story of Mr & Mrs Bair, two ageing teddy bears returning home for Christmas. The story follows their journey from the plane through to airport arrivals, where they are reunited with their loved ones.  Heathrow Airport’s heart-warming message is clear, ‘Coming home, is the greatest gift of all’.

House of Fraser Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Christmas is Coming for You”

Set to the iconic ‘Ready or Not’ sung by vocalist Laura Mvula, House Of Fraser’s Christmas offering comes with a warning, “Christmas is Coming for You”.  With plenty of light and shade, this ad focuses on the anticipation of the big day, including scenes which avoid the usual festive clichés, whilst underpinned with an abundance of style. All available, from your local branch of House of Fraser.

John Lewis Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Buster the Boxer”

“This is the story of a little girl called Bridget who loves to bounce,” says the John Lewis website as it introduces its new Christmas advert. This two-minute film features ‘Buster the Boxer’ as he patiently watches a range of wildlife bouncing on a trampoline, before bounding over on Christmas morning and getting his turn, albeit before little Bridget gets a chance. This highly anticipated commercial may have split opinion, but has arguably spawned one of the best parodies of the year, courtesy of, which is also featured below. “Buster – the John Lewis Parody”

Lidl Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Christmas Turkey”

Turkeys take the centre stage in this Christmas TV ad from Lidl. Recruiting real life Lidl-sceptic, Debbie, Lidl attempt to disprove those who may be cynical about the quality of Lidl’s products, given their low prices. The advert follows Debbie, on a visit to a Norfolk farm, who is convinced Lidl’s turkey farm is a ‘prison for turkeys’. She is genuinely surprised by what she finds.

M&S Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Christmas with Love”

Meet the glamorous Mrs Claus – a sophisticated modern hero – courtesy of M&S. This glitzy, three-minute, Hollywood-style Christmas production, sees Mrs Claus sending Santa merrily on his Christmas rounds, before boarding a red helicopter to deliver a little boy’s Christmas wish. It’s the Christmas ad, John Lewis probably wished they had made.

Sainsbury’s Christmas TV Ad 2016 “The Greatest Gift”

It’s the closest I came to shedding a tear, whilst watching this epic Christmas production.  At 3 minutes, 20 seconds long – it’s also the longest ad in UK TV history. The story of Dave and his struggle to get home from work before his kids bedtime, tugs at every working parent’s heart strings. Paired with an an ear worm of a song, ‘The Greatest Gift for Christmas is Me’, courtesy of the ubiquitous James Corden, this is hands-down the best Christmas TV ad of 2016. What a gift!

TK Maxx Christmas TV Ad 2016 “The Sing-Song”

A gargling-Gran takes centre stage in this left-field Christmas TV offering from discount retailer, TK Maxx. Leveraging the feeling of surprise customers may feel among the discount racks instore, TK Maxx takes their spin on the traditional Christmas carol with a reworking of Misirlou – which some may know as the Pulp Fiction theme.  Bizarre, yet completely captivating.

Very Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Get More Out of Giving”

Online retailer, Very, encourage us to become generous with others this Christmas and ‘Get More Out of Giving’. We follow the story of a big-hearted woman as she makes her Christmas journey home from work, by spreading cheer and giving gifts to random passers-by. Even Father Christmas is rewarded for his services to the festive season. Heart-warming stuff.

Waitrose Christmas TV Ad 2016 “Home for Christmas”

‘Home for Christmas’ is a 90 second adventure across land and sea, inspired by the real-life migration of the Scandinavian Robin. We follow his epic journey as he returns home to the UK, to be safety reunited with his feathered companion and enjoy a festive mince pie.  Bought from Waitrose, obviously.

Stand out from the crowd

Our selection of the best TV ads for Christmas 2016, are all extremely high budget productions. However, an innovative and effective TV ad that will help you stand out from the crowd, need not break the bank.

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Have a very Merry Christmas.