What is brand response TV?

Brand response TV, or BRTV as it is more commonly known, blends the higher production values associated with traditional branding ads, alongside the response-driven techniques of direct response style advertising. Brand response TV typically takes a softer and gentler approach when compared with direct response TV. Selling is still very much the goal, but the delivery is less blatant or in-your-face.

What are the benefits of brand response TV?

Similarly to direct response TV (DRTV), brand response TV (BRTV) is a highly accountable method of advertising. This is one of the huge benefits of brand response TV. The ability to measure consumer data, monitor sales and therefore the capability to make near instant decisions around channel selection, the message itself and other important campaign elements.

Brand response TV picks up where the traditional branding piece ends; by persuading consumers to take action by either visiting your website, giving you a call or by purchasing your product on their next trip to John Lewis. Whereas traditional branding commercials will either help to boost your product awareness or change attitude towards your brand, brand response TV also motivates consumers to take direct action.

thecoalshed can help your brand

More traditional advertising agencies rarely dip their toes into the world of brand response TV and for good reason. Unlike us, they may not have the experience, nor do they understand how it can play a crucial role within the overall campaign strategy. At the coal shed, we pride ourselves on being the brand and direct response TV commercial experts. Having launched challenger brands such as elephant, and broadband choices we are the agency that knows what it takes. You can read more about our experience here.

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Brand response TV (BRTV) blends the higher production values of traditional brand ads alongside the response driven techniques of direct response ads.

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