What is Direct Response TV (DRTV)?

Direct response TV commercials, more commonly known as DRTV commercials, are typically used to sell products, promote services and generate leads. They encourage consumers to actively respond to a proposition or product. They can produce new business leads almost instantly.

How does direct response TV work?

It’s all in the name. A direct response TV commercial is designed to offer the consumer a chance to directly respond to your ad. The ads themselves are structured around a response mechanism, whether a telephone number, text code or website address. A clear and motivational “call to action” within the script will encourage an immediate response. In these days of multi-screening, all TV ads can be acted upon immediately. It’s now extremely common for viewers to research brands they have just seen on TV and instantly buy products or register online.

How can a direct response TV strategy help my brand?

Unlike typical brand advertising, direct response TV delivers a measurable and accountable return on investment. Generating almost immediate results, means determining real-time success is now easy.

Successful when used in isolation, implementing an effective direct response TV strategy has the potential to support all other forms of advertising. Due to its seamless integration with other marketing channels, direct response TV becomes symbiotic with advertising that is already in place, working hand-in-hand to create a more powerful sales environment. It also plays a big part in building long term brand awareness.

thecoalshed can help your brand

To create a quality direct response TV commercial you first need to find a specialist agency with extensive experience in direct response TV. Look no further. With over 20 years worth of experience, thecoalshed understand what it takes to make a successful DRTV commercial. What most of our clients care about is the bottom line. Direct response television marketing is all about making that number bigger, and we’ve been helping brands do this for years. In fact, we have a proven track record of turning new advertisers and challenger brands, such as, and uSwitch, into household names.

We believe a strong, simple creative idea with a targeted, persuasive script will make for a highly effective direct response TV ad. Creative is the key to a successful direct response television marketing strategy. Let thecoalshed deliver this for you.

Stand out from the crowd

To discuss how we can produce a direct response TV commercial that works for your brand, call us today on 020 8617 8227 or get in touch now.


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