It’s all about the production

A well-executed TV commercial production has the power to unleash a whole host of emotions in a matter of seconds. This in turn will help raise consideration and ultimately, drive a response. TV has an unbeatable scale and reach and is a vital tool for the long-term success and growth of your brand.

There’s no denying TV is still the most persuasive communication vehicle available to your brand. In a study by Turner Broadcasting, Horizon Media and MarketShare, which analysed thousands of strategies used by advertisers between 2009 and 2014, the results were conclusive: TV is still by far the most effective advertising medium available.

Getting it right first time

Finding the right TV commercial production company for your direct response TV (DRTV) or brand response TV (BRTV) commercial needs can be a challenge. We understand that not all TV production companies have the experience or know-how to effectively deliver the specific disciplines this genre of commercial require.  However, at thecoalshed, we have over 20 years experience in the business.  This means we can deliver a full end-to-end BRTV commercial and DRTV commercial production service, to produce commercials that are persuasive, engaging, thoroughly memorable and above all… work.

Creativity meets technical expertise

As a creative company, good ideas are our mainstay. We strive to create unique ideas that will ensure your brand will stand out from the crowd. Once our creative sessions have unearthed such an idea, we’ll write a compelling and targeted script to ensure maximum cut-through for your commercial.

As a well established TV production company, thecoalshed has an extensive pool of talent at its fingertips, so whether we need to film in Pinewood, Paris or Portrush, we’ll secure the ideal location for your TV commercial production and appoint the right film crew to bring your commercial to life.

thecoalshed can help your brand

Our complete spectrum of post-production services include getting your TV commercial production edited and polished by some of the most experienced individuals in the industry. With the addition of a bespoke sound design and musical composition to add total individuality to your TV commercial, we’ll have it cleared for broadcast and delivering incredible results on time, on budget and with maximum impact.

Stand out from the crowd

To discuss how we can produce a TV commercial production that works for your brand, call us today on 020 8617 8227 or get in touch now.


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Finding the right TV commercial production company can be a challenge. Let thecoalshed help you produce a TV commercial that is persuasive, engaging and thoroughly memorable.

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